Do You Know A Narcissist?


Do You Know A Narcissist? Tips on what is a Narcissist and how a Narcissist acts:



1- Everything will revolve around this person. It will be all about their needs, their wants, their life.

2- Nothing will ever be their fault. Even with evidence to the contrary, it still is Never their fault.

3-They neglect you, take you for granted, and never make you feel important or valuable.

4- Selfish is an understatement when you are dealing with them.

5- They lack empathy and compassion, and the only feelings they care about is their own.

6- Everyone around them are objects to be used for their own gratification or needs.

7-They have a a deep need for excessive attention and admiration.

8-A Narcissist will have fantasies about power and a sense of entitlement.

If you know one, stay away from them and don’t have a relationship with them. They are troubled and will exploit you and others for personal gain.

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