DIY Gifts for Everyone on your Christmas list


Easy DIY gifts for everyone on your Christmas list that are easy and fun to make. Homemade gifts are gifts that comes from the heart and will be cherished.

Homemade gifts go beyond Popsicle sticks and fuse beads. With the gift-giving season in full swing, now is the time to get in on the DIY trend and create clever, gift-able crafts that won’t break the bank.

Easy DIY Gifts for everyone on your Christmas ListThe Travel Enthusiast

Can’t afford to give the gift a round-the-world trip to your globetrotter friends? Put a fun twist on conquering the map by creating DIY world map coasters. Personalize the coasters by using maps from their favorite trips or places on their destination bucket list.

To further blend the worlds of home decor and travel, create and frame a collage of a trip you and your friend took together. Gather train ticket stubs, photos, maps, images of passport stamps, etc.







52 reasons I love you The Significant Other

They say that with gift giving it’s the thought that counts. Saying “I love you” is easy, but saying why takes time and consideration. Repurpose an old DIY deck of cards to showcase the 52 reasons you love your significant other. Get creative with stickers and stamps, colorful construction paper, and glitter to add flair.








The Foodie

For those who prefer gifts of an edible nature, there are plenty DIY options that are delicious, pretty to package and travel well. The fruitcake has been replaced with seasonal sweets like tins of homemade peppermint bark and fudge, but a less indulgent, still-sweet option for your foodie friend is a personalized hot-cocoa mix. With a few ingredients and simple packaging, you can add a little extra warmth to the holiday season.



The Techie

Tablet-toting friends float in every circle and tend to accessorize their electronics with hip covers, cases, and carryalls. Whether you’re into quirky quilted textures and designs or pretty prints, there’s a DIY tablet case for everyone. Help your friends set themselves apart by gifting them a one-of-a-kind techsessory.

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