Effective Sunburn Remedies


Effective Sunburn Remedies. Try these tips to relieve the pain. They work!


Always wear sunscreen.

Most doctors will recommend “Silver Cream”  It’s formulated to protect against and kill bacteria, fungus and yeast. This antimicrobial gel can be applied on scrapes, cuts and minor burns. It works for up to three days and doesn’t sting or stain. This antimicrobial gel also hydrates to help minimize scarring.  It comes in many different brands and can be bought at Walmart and many pharmacies. It can also be bought in small packages to take on trips. I once had a very bad scrape on my leg and it worked for the pain and helped healed the scrape. For more severe burns get a prescription for a stronger Silverdine Cream.  Works wonders. Keep in refrigerator for longer life. Great for all wounds or burns. Promotes skin healing.

Other remedies to try:

Menthol shaving cream.

Make a whole pot of hot black tea. Let it come to room temp. Soak a towel in it…and place on sunburn. Will take the sting right out.

Take about a dozen aspirin and crush them fine (mortar and pestle if you have one) then add about a cup and a half of cold buttermilk and mix well. Smear all over sunburn. It takes the heat out and won’t blister.

Mouth wash soaked a paper towel in it and lay it on your burn it draws the heat out.

Apply Apple cider vinegar and water mix. Find some paper bags cut them in strips dip in apple cider vinegar and lay the strips on the burn it will pull the burn out and make it tan.

Soak in a vinegar bath.

Aloe Vera gel to the burn. or even Noxzema.  We always kept a jar in the fridge. Use 3 times a day.

Rubbing alcohol several times a day. It will take the heat out of your sunburn.

Tylenol to relieve the pain.

Open vitamin E capsules and spread on the burn.

Lidocaine spray, nice,  just need to spray it on, relieves for a long time, can buy it any drug store.

 3 D diaper ointment. No kidding. It cools it off & helps keep the skin moist so it doesn’t dry out & sting. Works for babies so should work for you too.

Sleep under sheets only.

Take a Benadryl to help out. This medication works by blocking a certain natural substance (histamine) that your body makes during an allergic reaction.

VAGASIL CREAM will stop the pain and itching instantly.

If the burn is severe or it blisters see a physician immediately. Can become infected.


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