How To Get Him Off His Throne In 5 Minutes


Put an end to wasting time in the bathroom with the Toilet Timer. This is actually healthy for him.

My husband go into the bathroom, with a crossword puzzle, and stays there for 30 minutes.
I actually timed him.

For any wife who’s ever watched her husband disappear into the bathroom and wondered if she’d ever see him again, the issue of exceedingly long bathroom breaks is no joke. All the while I am cleaning the house, doing the dishes and laundry.

Very convenient for him.

I saw this for sale as a reminder of how long he can now sit on the toilet. Didn’t cure him but gave him a laugh.

The medical community generally agrees that you should limit the time you spend sitting on the toilet to ten minutes or less. Time yourself when you feel urge to move you bowels. The cut off should be five to 10 minutes. If nothing is happening during that period, go out and come back later.”

Did you know that there is actually medical benefit in not lingering in the loo?

If you search Amazon, eBay or you can buy one for around $15.


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