Health Risks Your Body Characteristics Can Reveal

Health Risks Your Body Characteristics Can Reveal

Your height, hair color and the length of your legs can reveal a lot about the health risks you may one day face.

If you’re tall

Most of us wouldn’t mind Gisele Bundchen’s legs, or at least a few extra centimeters. But with added height comes a greater risk of developing deadly melanoma, scientists from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research have found. The team reviewed eight studies involving almost 5000 women, half of whom had melanoma, and found the tallest one-quarter of women in the study were 30 per cent more likely to have melanoma than the shorter women.

If you’re short

Men like actor Jason Alexander who are under 170 centimetres are more likely to suffer a heart attack than men who are over 185 centimetres, and a similar trend has been found among women. After controlling for smoking, high cholesterol and other factors known to increase the risk of a heart attack, researchers at Harvard University found the shortest men had more heart attacks than the tallest.

If you have long legs

Not only can you carry off a mini, you’re less likely to suffer from liver disease, British researchers found last year. Studies of long-legged women showed the liver’s four major enzymes were found in lower quantities than they were in short women, indicating better liver function.

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