Himalayan Cat Photo and Information

The popular Himalayan cat, nicknamed the Himmy, is a version of the Persian cat.

Himalayan Cat

Although at least one cat registry considers him a breed on its own. Created by crossing the Siamese and the Persian. Then breeding the offspring until the desired characteristics were achieved.

The history of the Himalayan cat is well known and documented.  Experimental breeding of Himalayans took place in the United States and England as far back as the early 1920′s when the Persian and Siamese breeds were bred together. Actual recognition as a purebred cat did not come until 1957 in USA.  The name Himalayan because their coat patterns were similar to that of the rabbits and goats with the same coloring found in the Himalayans in Asia.  Early Himalayan cats looked more like Siamese but now have the same head and body type as other Persians.

The Himalayan cat is one of the most popular of all Persians.  They have a round head, a short nose, large round eyes, and small ears. Cobby body of the Persian coupled with colored points like Siamese. One of the most striking characteristics is color of their eyes, which is vivid blue.

Along with their striking appearance, Himalayans have a wonderfully outgoing and engaging personality. They are extremely affectionate, playful and endearing.  Many Himalayan owners would say they are the most outgoing of all Persian cats.

The affectionate Himmy loves a lap, but if you’re busy with other things, he will be there to supervise, perhaps while playing with a favorite toy. He’s not a jumper or climber, instead posing regally on a chair or sofa. The Himalayan cat is adaptable and will make themselves just as at home with a loud, boisterous family or an older couple. As long as they have everyone’s complete devotion.

  • Works well with multi pet households
  • Will need a home with owners willing to groom often
  • Great for first time cat owners
  • Families with older children
  • Himalayan cats weights about 13 pounds
  • A flower of a cat that makes a nice pet

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