How To Get Use To Progressive Lenses Glasses


How To Get Use To Progressive Lenses Glasses.  Also called No-Line Bifocals. They often cause dizziness or nausea. Here are tips to help you get use to them.


It is normal to get dizzy when first using progressive lenses glasses. That is because you look down and see thru the bifocal. It will take some time for your eyes to adjust. But in the meantime if you have to do stairs or escalators use the rail so you don’t fall and be careful. If you have someone with you, let them know that you have the bifocal and ask for help if you need it. When you first get them, use them only while sitting for awhile and gradually add walking with them .I have been thru this, it does get better. You will have to practice wearing them!

Make sure that they are sitting correctly on your face. If they aren’t you surely will have trouble. Might need to be adjusted around your ears. See your optometrist to adjust them. Most places where you bought your glasses will adjust them for free.

When you are walking, don’t look straight down at the floor because you will trip and or fall.

Just move your eyes not your head to look at things. Your eyes will look down for the bifocal and straight for the distant. Move your eyes up and down not your head . That’s what’s making you dizzy. It takes practice but once you get use to doing this every thing will clear up.

Some people they just don’t work well. Then you should get separate regular glasses, then buy readers from the drug store.

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