How to make Baby Footprints

baby footprints

 Baby Footprints

 These sweet baby footprints make a lovely and nostalgic lasting impression of our child.

This is how to make them.

  • Place backboard on the front of the frame and attach with elastics provided and lay frame face down on newspaper
  • Fill box with sand
  • Use small board provided to smooth out sand
  • Take child’s hand or foot and press firmly in sand.
  • Push gently on each finger, thumb and base of hand.
  • The deeper the print, the better raised plaster print!
  • Mix plaster with one cup of water
  • Pour plaster mix into frame and smooth out with small board provided
  • Spread plaster to cover edge of wood frame.
  • Let impression dry for 1 hour
  • Place backboard on back of frame and attach using flexible clips under tabs
  • Gently remove the bulk of sand from the print with your hands
  • End result: a beautiful lasting impression!!!!!!
  •  Instructions with detailed photos: