How To Reduce Sweat and Odor Through Diet


How To Reduce Sweating

Some foods and beverages encourage the body to sweat more:

Spicy foods

Garlic and onion – these also make body odor worse, as do strong spices like curry.



Processed foods – they just put more toxins into your body, which will come back out via perspiration.

Foods that help reduce sweating and odor:

Drinking lots of water keeps your internal body temperature lower.

Eating foods with a high water content, like fruits and vegetables, will have the same effect as drinking water.

Tea – tannic acid is a natural astringent (i.e., odor reducer).

Cook with olive oil to encourage digestion – you sweat less when your body doesn’t have to work as hard to move food through the digestive system.

Sage – cook with it or make tea out of it to reduce the activity of your sweat glands over time.


Dietary supplements that reduce sweating:

B vitamins and vitamin C – these encourage the elimination of toxins through the urine instead of through the skin

Magnesium – low magnesium levels contribute to both sweating and body odor. If you don’t get much calcium in your diet, you’ll have to take your magnesium with a calcium supplement or you won’t absorb it very well. Magnesium can also be absorbed through the skin, so another use for the magnesium oil I mentioned earlier is magnesium supplementation.

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