How To Turn A Fan Into A Homemade AC

Homemade AC air cooler! The “Copper Coil” Air Cooler! how to make a non-compressor based DIY air conditioner using a box fan and copper coil.

Details: copper: Two 20 ft. rolls of 1/4″ copper tubing. vinyl tubing: Two 3 to 4 foot sections of 3/8″ tubing (OD) 1/4″ (ID). pump: 200GPH (from harbor freight). note: the air produced using a “copper coil air cooler” won’t typically be quite as cold as the air from an “ice bucket” air cooler (but the volume of air produced is much greater than an ice bucket air cooler produces) so it’s a trade-off (more air that’s cool vs. less air that’s colder)

Material needed:

  • Box fan
  • 2 copper coils
  • Zip ties
  • 1/4″ compression unit
  • Wrench
  • Clippers/Scissors
  • Plastic tubing
  • Bucket
  • Ice