I Found The Perfect Way To Clean My Laminate Flooring


I Found The Perfect Way To Clean My Laminate Flooring. We have an asphalt driveway that we have to cross every time we enter the house. My floors get very dirty with the black tar from the asphalt. When we walk barefoot in our home our feet get black. As you can see in the picture. After trying many different solutions, I finally found an easy one that worked! 


Saves money and works better than expensive manufacturer’s cleaner.

  1. Use a microfiber mop. I bought mine at Home Depot, but you can buy them at Walmart or online. 

  Microfiber Mop 


2. In a spray bottle mix 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts warm water.

3. Add 1 squirt Dawn dish washing liquid. 
Shake bottle to mix.

4. Spray onto your microfiber mop, just enough to make it damp. Do not mop your laminate floors  with a cloth mop. Excessive water are not good for laminate flooring. 

5. Mop your floors with even strokes covering the whole floor. I bought an extra microfiber covering, so I could do my whole house. They are washable. Just throw the dirty ones in the washer and dryer.  

It works like a charm! 


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