Is He A Sociopath? The Signs To Watch Out For

Is He A Sociopath















1. You are walking on eggshells… you feel on edge around him and yet strangely enough you want to be his one and only. Yes, it’s sick. This is not normal.

2. He originally placed you on a pedestal and was in awe of you. Now, later, it’s like you are in this weird dance where he waffles between placing you on the pedestal and treating you like you are disposable. It creates confusion instead of peace.

3. He refers to you as his trophy wife and bases your value on how good you make him look. He expects affirmation he’s done well in life at his 20 year high school reunion based on your looks and you on his arm. When no one validates him, this is when you unknowingly enter the discarding stage by him.

4. In the beginning he wanted to seal the deal quickly and marry you speedy quick. He doesn’t want a long engagement, he gives ultimatums, sets the wedding date and if you waver…. he accuses you of being not committed.

5. You catch him in a lie. And another lie. And another. It’s pathological for him and he won’t stop. He accuses you of being a liar or a cheater. That’s called projection; him twisting what he’s doing onto you

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