Las Vegas Tips

Las Vegas Tips. From someone who lives there. Places to stay, best places to eat, free places that are a must see and a map of  the Vegas Strip.


I have lived in Las Vegas for over 10 years. It is a must visit city. There are many exciting places to see in Vegas.
I am not affiliated with any of the links I am giving you, just suggestions.

My best advice is to visit Las Vegas in the spring or fall. The summers (July and August) are dreadfully hot. The Winter ( December and January) are usually cold, but has some nice days. The best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November. You don’t have to gamble to have fun. 

Shows: Las Vegas has many great show with varying range of prices. Check out The Top 10 shows.

There are bus rides that are inexpensive. You can ride from one end of the strip to the other, and even ride to downtown Vegas. I like to take a ride at night and see the beautiful town lit up.

Where to stay:

The strips hotels are expensive. Watch out for added on “resort fee” that they don’t mention until you get ready to pay. Always ask for the “complete price”. You usually can get a better price by calling the hotel directly.  If you do stay on the strip, try to get one in the middle as there is a LOT of walking to see it end to end. Even if you stay on the strip you might want to visit other hotels away from the strip to eat your meals. Food is VERY expensive on the strip. 

Most Hotels on the strip also charge a car parking fee. Up to $30 a day. A very few offer free parking. Check this link for up to date information for Hotel parking: Las Vegas Hotel Parking Fees

Circus Circus Hotel & Resort. A family favorite Las Vegas resort since its inception, the Circus Circus Resort and Casino is full of family-fun activities. From the thrills of the Adventuredome to the live circus acts right on the casino floor! This affordable hotel is on the north end of the strip and is one of the best choices for a family vacation to Las Vegas.  They also have a travel trailer parking.  Even if you don’t stay there, it is a great place for you and the kids to visit.

Circus Circus Live Free show

Hotels right outside the strip are a lot cheaper and cost a lot less. Most of the hotels have shuttles to the strip.  My favorite is The Orleans Hotel Casino It is inexpensive, close to the strip, has inexpensive food and is a beautiful place. Their buffet is delicious and very reasonable priced.  They have shuttles to the strip.

The Orleans Hotel And Casino

Palace Station is another great place to stay off the strip. They have recently remodeled. The buffet is wonderful and very inexpensive.  They have a large casino and nice rooms.

Palace Station

If you like a rustic look then Arizona Charlies Decatur it the place for you. The room are very nice. Some have a view of the strip, and they have one of the cheapest and tasty buffet, in town. If you are a Bingo fan, they have the only 24 hour bingo in town. My husband I eat there all the time. When family comes to visit us, we put them up in a room. Which is comped because of the advertisement they send me.

Arizona Charles

Free stuff and inexpensive things to see and do:

Don’t forget to visit Fremont Street (downtown Vegas). Go at night. It is covered and has a beautiful free light show at night. They also have free concerts, certain times of the year and days of the week.

Fremont Street. Downtown Las Vegas.

Located on the very north end of the strip is The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, where the popular reality show Pawn Stars is filmed, has become a tourist destination now more popular than the wedding chapels with which it shares its bit of Las Vegas Boulevard. I visited when the stars of the show were still on site. Kinda cheesy now, long lines, none of the stars are usually there. But you can get a T-shirt and say you were there. Lords knows I’ve wasted more time and money in worse ways.

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, is a great place to take a short serenity break from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. It is home to (naturally) flamingos, but you’ll also find swans, ducks, koi, turtles and even two rescued pelicans. Lush landscaping makes for great pictures: think waterfalls, palms trees, and plenty of places to sit. The habitat is family-friendly, and it’s free.

At the Bellagio, for instance, you can visit the Conservatory and Botanical Garden, watch the dancing waters and inspect the fascinating Chihuly artwork on the ceiling near the front desk–all for zero dollars.

Bellagio Water Show

Bellagio Botanical Garden

Shopping might not sound like a free activity, but in Las Vegas you can find shopping malls with free entertainment, like the Streetmosphere at the Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes. The wandering performers and living statues are free, even if a trip inside your favorite store might not be.


The Seven Magic Mountains. If you rent a car you can see art installation is easy to see from I- 15, with its 35-foot high towers of multi-colored boulders rising out of the desert east of I-15, about ten miles south of Las Vegas. The desert art installation featuring 7 painted boulder totems up to 35 ft. high by Ugo Rondinone.

The Seven Magic Mountains


Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains where you can camp, hike and enjoy the scenery. Even snow ski in the winter. Hiking may not be the first thing that pops to mind when you think of Las Vegas, but within an hour of the city, you can find some unexpected and extraordinary landscapes, with outstanding hiking trails. Make a day of it.

Two or three times a day, the Mirage’s volcano rumbles into life, spewing flames and doing a nice, friendly impersonation of a real volcano. Crowds gather early to get a glimpse of this iconic curb-side attraction–when it first appeared on the Strip, it was the first Vegas exterior entertainment of its kind. The entire lagoon area in front of the Mirage comes to life when the volcano is erupting. Best of all it is free to watch.

Map Of Las Vegas Strip:



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