Make-Up Mistakes to Avoid

Make-Up Mistakes to Avoid

Too Much Powder

A light covering of translucent powder applied in the right places, with a brush, can help to set make-up and prevent shining. Take care not to overdo it, though, or your skin is likely to appear pale and chalky, and the mask-like finish will only hide your best features. Even worse, the powder will sink into any fine lines or wrinkles and magnify them, aging you in the process. None of this is good news, so think twice before reaching for the powder pouf.

Overdoing Lip Liner

Lip liner defines the lips and prevents lipstick from bleeding, so it is an important product for perfecting your pout. However, harshly lined lips or wearing a liner that is too dark will just look unnatural and dated. And if you stray outside of the natural line of your lips, you also risk emphasizing any fine lines around the mouth. When working with lip liner, therefore, do take care to follow your lip line and make sure the color is a good match for your lipstick. To avoid severe lines, choose a creamy pencil that is easy to blend. If you avoid using lip liner altogether, give it a go. When you get it right, you will probably want to kiss yourself.

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