He Makes $500,000 A Year On Twitter

Since 2009, 23-year-old Kris Sanchez has tweeted fun and interesting facts that he’s stumbled upon while procrastinating on the Internet. By 2011, he was doing it full time and even reached 200,000 followers (he now has 9.45 million). That’s when an ad company reached out to him and showed him that he could, in fact, make lots of money with just his Twitter account.

The account is called UberFacts and it’s now Sanchez’s full-time job. He’s even hired a few helping hands to help him dig up these facts and schedule them to be posted. What’s more, on top of the $500,000 he makes per year from UberFacts, he just launched an app for UberFacts, which is expected to bring in an extra $60,000 per week.

Here are a couple of this tweets. Seems like we could all do this and be rich!