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Messages Hidden On A Dollar Bill


Messages Hidden On A Dollar Bill. What do those message mean? Find out:

On the front you will see a letter left of George Washington’s face. It represents which federal reserve bank printed the bill.
Letters you may see are:

“A” for Boston
“B” for New York
“C” for Philadelphia
“D” for Cleveland
“E” for Richmond
“F” or Atlanta
“H” for St. Louis
“I” for Minneapolis
“J” for Kansas City
“K” for Dallas
“L” for San Francisco

On the back of the bill is and eagle is holding 13 arrows and an olive branch with 13 leaves and 13 olives.
The eagle’s shield has 13 vertical stripes and 13 horizontal stripes. The number 13 represents the original 13 colonies.

On the back at the bottom of the pyramid is a long series of roman numerals: MDCCLXXVI. The numerals stand for the number 1776, the year america declared independence.

Eye at the top of the pyramid. The eye represents the presence of God watching over America. Those who like conspiracy theories, believe that the “all-seeing eye” is a symbol of the Freemasonry. The Freemasonry were once a secret fraternity, and many believe our Founding Fathers were members of the Freemasons. They are called Masons today. The all-seeing eye shaped like the top of the pyramid is an ancient symbol of divinity.

The hidden creature might just be too small for you to spot without taking out a magnifying glass. In the upper-right corner of the bill, just to the upper-left of the number “1”, there appears to be a teeny-tiny creature peeking out. There are several guesses as to what this is. Some say that this is the shape of an owl. Many believe it was put there as an anti-counterfeit measure. Others, however, don’t see an owl at all; they see a spider. Some argue a hidden spider would make much more sense, given the “web” pattern behind the number “1.”

The 1 on the back side corners. The  cross or windmill-like shape behind the number 1. Many believe that this symbol is the shape known as the Maltese cross.  Some believe to be a hidden reference to the famed Knights of Malta.

The pyramid on the dollar bill represents strength and duration.

The Eagle on a dollar bill is a shield, which is unsupported to signify Americans should rely on their own virtue.

The balancing scales on the Department of Treasury seal represents a symbol of justice.

Latin phrases appear a few times on the dollar bill. Above the pyramid reads “annuit coeptis,” which means “God has favored our undertaking. Under the pyramid is the phrase “novus ordo seclorum,” which is interpreted as “a new order of the ages.” On the banner the eagle holds, “e pluribus unum,” which means “out of many, one.”

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