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More My Favorite Recipes (updated often)


Love to cook and Love to eat! 

These are a collection of my favorite recipes. Hope you enjoy them too!

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baked garlic cilantro fries

Baked Garlic Cilantro Fries    Baked garlic french fries dressed in cilantro. A friend to your tastes as well as waistline when you’re craving that handful of salty goodness.

Chicken Enchilada Dip Roll-UpsChicken Enchilada Dip Roll-Ups Recipe   This was such an easy recipe to make too! It uses very basic ingredients and requires nothing more than mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl. The most difficult part is probably rolling and cutting the pieces.


Cajun Chow Chow RelishCajun Chow Chow Relish    Though many chow chow recipes call for canning and processing in jars, this one does not. The quantity here is small enough to be used within a few weeks’ time.



Candied Bacon |Candied Bacon  How do you make bacon better? In this video, Chef John shows you how, combining bacon with a quick brown-sugar and maple-syrup glaze to create candied bacon! Chef John also reveals the best type of bacon to use for this recipe. It’s super easy!

Baked Blooming OnionBaked Blooming Onion  It is definitely different than the deep-fried effect. But the panko made this blooming onion crispy, flavorful, and made for a really fun appetizer to share with friends. And I guarantee that everyone will be so impressed with how you got the onion to “bloom”! Definitely a timeless treat, made all the better when it’s not loaded with a gazillion calories. Enjoy!

Baked Cheesy Chicken PenneBaked Cheesy Chicken Penne   Just like Olive Gardens. This yummy dish consists of a cheesy pasta blended with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and mushrooms.  Now I know the sun-dried tomatoes aren’t something most of you probably keep on had, so you could just leave them out if you like. 

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