Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving Tips and Tricks. When moving to a new home it can be a difficult task. Tips to make it much easier.

Make a check list before moving:

Throw out stuff you no longer need before you move. Clean everything before packing it.

Mark your boxes for each room, and sit down and make your first things first list of priority in bills and calculate it up. Pack a box or two with clothes and items you’ll need right away for work, showers etc.

Pack a big overnight bag with all the most important things you need to survive the first few days

Put cleaning supplies in a labeled box and load it last to make sure it is one of the first boxes you unload. Put plenty of paper towels and toilet paper in it.

Mark each box list what is in the box and tape the list to it. Day 1 only unpack what is needed . you know you are not going to cook that day so just unpack bathroom and bedroom. Day 2 unpack the kitchen don’t rush it as you will end up reorganizing.

Label your moving boxes by room. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. You can use color coded labels so it is a quick at a glance process. Collect boxes and packing materials early. Pack non-essentials early to get that out of the way.

When moving the bed put the screws in a ziplock and take the bag with you in the car so you don’t have to look for them at the new place. Same goes for any shelf support hardware.

Make a fanny pack of tape, sharpies, box cutters while you are packing.

Buy or rent a dolly. Makes loading and unloading much easier.

Don’t forget toilet paper. Don’t pack it all. Put a roll or 2 in your purse! Sure will come in handy.

Pack the truck thinking ahead put the last room you have most likely the living room in first so it will be the last 1 you unload and put the furthest room probably bedroom in last so it’s the first of the truck and won’t be nothing in your way moving.

If you have a lot of books move them in suitcases not totes they are heavy and suitcases tend to have wheels.

Put Styrofoam plates between real ones to protect them.

Dollar Store is great to get simple essentials like your utensil organizers, ice cube trays. (Don’t get the pot holders they sucks unless they’re all cloth)

Make a special box. Use for immediate things you will need. Birth certificates, change of address forms, pens, pencils, scissors, safety pins, tape, needle, thread, extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, immunizations forms for kids & pets, things like this that you will need immediately.

Egg cartons from grocery store work great for packing smaller items, like jewelry, etc.

Use a trash bags as well a note pad to keep on the fridge or near the door on a hook. You will find this tip very handy.

Exit plan and plan before moving with a friend or S/O: 

If you are moving in with anyone you are not married to, be sure to make a list of what is yours and what is their’s. Will make a huge difference if one or the other moves out. The courts will not enforce it you both do not have a signed list. Have an exit plan in writing, signed by both of you, such as who will pay the rent if one moves.

1. Put into writing what each of you is responsible for paying, what chores each of you are responsible for doing, date it and BOTH OF YOU sign it. 2. As to photographs, MAKE CERTAIN that before you take the photos that you have a paper in the shot on which you have written the date – that way, all of the photos will clearly display when the photos were taken – if need in the future, this will be your BEST proof as to how the room, or whatever it is you are photographing, looked like at the time you moved in.

Make sure the both of you are on the lease. If anyone leaves. You both are responsible for the lease.



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