My Favorite Cake and Cupcake Tutorials

Do you enjoy making your own cakes but need the instructions? 

These are links to on how you can make the cake design or recipe for my favorite cakes and cupcakes. 

Click on Link or Picture for DIY Tutorials or Recipes.

Toasted Butter Pecan Cake

Toasted Butter Pecan Cake The secret to it’s yummy flavor is the first step…toasting the pecans in butter. Do NOT skip this step. Do NOT use margarine. Just trust me on this!

Happy Birthday Cupcake PlateHappy Birthday Cupcake Plate  Using a plain glass plate I picked up at Target, and just three colors of glass paint, I was able to make a special birthday plate that is top-rack dishwasher safe. My birthday boy will look forward to eating off of this plate for many birthdays to come

Simple ways to decorate a cake - peaks, zigzags, waves, and stripes.How To Decorate A Cake with peaks, zig-zags, waves and stripes   Use these easy tips and instructions to learn how to decorate a cake like a pro! Find helpful hints for frosting a cake, filling a pastry bag and more cake decorating tips.

How to pipe a flower on a cupcakeHow to Pipe a Rose on a Cupcake   A cupcake top is the perfect spot to plant a flower! Think of the circular surface as a flower nail on which you can pipe petals for a larger-than-life blossom. This technique will work for larger petal tips, such as tip 125 used here. Try your favorite petal shapes to create your own fantasy flower.

Sewing and Quilt CookiesSewing and Quilt Cookies  I’ve been wanting to make some sewing and quilt cookies for a while, and when I realized that a  (sewing loving) friend’s birthday was coming up, I thought I could make fun cookies for my friend, as well as some for Grace’s sewing teacher. Here’s the collection I came up with…….

Monkey Cake TutorialMonkey Cake Tutorial   We made a cute monkey baby shower and it seems like monkeys are a popular choice for cakes these days!  As such, here’s a Kalli Cakes tutorial on how to make our cute little monkeys!

Fondant rose tutorial.Fondant Roses Tutorial  So I got an Ultimate decorating kit for Christmas, and I started playing with the rose making tools for fondant. I made an easy tutorial so you can make beautiful roses with fondant too.


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