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My Favorite Sweets #2


I was raised with a desert after every evening meal and no I am not fat!

My mother baked a pie or cake everyday. So I love sweets and eat them daily. But I do eat them in moderation. Just a small portion at a time. 

Below are my favorite sweet recipes. Eat in moderation and enjoy. 

Click on LINK or PICTURE for the recipe. 

Mint Brownie Hot Fudge Oreo Trifle

Mint Brownie Hot Fudge Oreo Trifle    You like brownies, right? And you’re into hot fudge? You enjoy whipped cream that’s homemade? You have an affinity for all things mint? And you’ve never met an Oreo you didn’t like too? Combine all of those goodies into one dessert, and you’ve got yourself this layered trifle.

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies With Nutella Marshmallow Cream Cheese FillingPeanut Butter Sandwich Cookies with Nutella Marshmallow Cream Cheese Filling  

STRAWBERRY AND NUTELLA BANANA CREPES WITH WHIPPED CREAMStrawberry and Nutella Banana Crepes  This recipe will work with regular flour too but ad the water slowly as you may not need a full cup!

Turtle CookiesTurtle Cookies   This is a fun twist on chocolate covered turtles.

Coconut Mango Popsicles Coconut Mango Popsicles      This coconut ice cream recipe calls for just a handful of ingredients – coconut milk, cream, vanilla, mango, and shredded coconut – and is very easy to make.

Apple, Walnut and Sultana LogsApple, Walnut and Sultan Logs  “When you cook or even bake a lot sometimes you would have accumulated a lot of excess ingredients and sometimes you are wondering what you would do with all this unused or leftover items. For me I treat it is as a time to get creative otherwise these ingredients will be all wasted, so for today we will be doing some freestyle made out of all leftover ingredients and readily available in my pantry”. 

Strawberry Kiwi TartletsStrawberry Kiwi Tartlets    Strong kiwi flavor or not, when poured inside a tangy lemon shortbread crust and topped with slices of perfectly ripe strawberry, it makes for a tart and refreshing—and visually stunning—dessert. Fruit and lemon lovers rejoice—this is the dessert for you.



Kahlua CakeKahlua Cake  This looks like it would be heavy and over the top. However, you’ll be surprised just how light it is. The mousse and the Cool Whip are responsible for the lightness. It’s a crowd pleaser. Make it. You’ll be glad you did.

Nutella Almond Joy Cake BarsNutella Almond Joy Cake Bars  “These easy cake mix bars are filled with coconut and Nutella and then covered in sweetened condensed milk.  You will be the hit of the party if you bring these Nutella Almond Joy Bars to any barbecue or picnic this summer”.


Lego Marshmallow PopsLego Marshmallow Pops   “My son recently celebrated his 4th birthday party at our local Lego Store and a supper at one of his favorite places.  We couldn’t go empty handed, so we brought treats and goodie bags for everyone.  We had a budget friendly Lego Birthday party, but I think the Lego marshmallow pops were one of everyone’s favorite treats (well, besides picking out legos at the Lego Store)”. 

Coconut Pineapple Smoothie Ice CreamCoconut Banana Smoothie Ice Cream  Thick enough to eat with a spoon; this was a deliciously creamy smoothie with pineapple and coconut flavors and just a hint of banana. If I’d been smarter, I would not have let my kids taste this smoothie. I easily could have eaten the entire recipe all by myself! Lighter in flavor and not as filling as smoothies made with dairy, this was the perfect snack and we all enjoyed it.

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