My Melancholy Eyes

Through My Melancholy eyes what could be more beautiful than a beautiful bird sitting on a flowering tree branch?

my melancholy eyes

My Melancholy eyes love spring and spring flowers with its signs of a new beginning.

As Alfred A. Montapert said: “We must enjoy each day – one at a time. We are here on a short visit. Be sure to smell the flowers”.

When I was a small girl I lived in a small town.  Spring was, and still is, my favorite time of year. I loved to sit out on our porch and watch through my melancholy eyes the birds fly around the beautiful spring flowers. I enjoyed the first sign of spring with the Easter Lilies popping up. The Robin making their nest with the blue eggs in their nest. My Mother always told me to not touch the eggs because the bird would abandon them if they were touched by human hands. I, of course, never touched their eggs.

I miss the smell of fresh grass being cut. The slower and laid back life style of a small town. I miss walking to our small grocery store and actually knowing the owner of the store. I miss the neighbors taking to each other across their white picked fences. We knew our  neighbors then and not just smiling at a stranger while passing them in my condo complex. I don’t even know my neighbor’s names now.  Maybe I should go borrow a cup of sugar and give them some plastic spring flowers (that is all I have). Would they think I am nuts? Probably.

I live in a large city now and I miss that small town life. I miss the friendliness and the safety I felt then. The bats at night rushing to my hair. Yes, they really did that! In our large city I rarely see a bird nest or a bee buzzing around a spring flower garden.

My melancholy eyes are missing out! I sure think so!

Maybe I will take a walk today in a park near my large city and look at the world through my melancholy eyes. Won’t be the same but I can pretend.

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