Natural Ways To Fight The Flu


Preventing the flu is the best way to fight it. Home remedies to fight the flu and a cold.

Preventing the flu is the best way to fight it. Home remedies to fight the flu and a cold.

Grab an extra pillow in bed

Keeping the head a bit higher can help relieve congested passages in the nose.

Blow your nose the right way:

Blowing your nose often with a cold is a good thing to get mucus out – but blowing too hard can push phlegm, and the germs it carries, into the tubes of the ears. This can cause ear problems. Try blowing your nose a nostril at a time by closing the other nostril with a finger and blowing gently into a tissue.

Stay warm and rest

Fighting a cold or flu saps your energy – so take some rest and stay warm while the body’s immune system does its work. This doesn’t mean you are giving in to colds or flu – but just doing what is natural. Don’t lay in bed all day. This causes the mucus to stay in your lungs.


Warm drinks

Having warming drinks helps relieve stuffiness and helps soothe the nose and throat. Some cold and flu remedies are made with boiled water – but a nice cup of tea may also make you feel a bit better.

A steamy shower

Having a shower may perk you up – and better still breathing in the steam helps moisturize the nasal passages.

Use Menthol

Menthol products have a strong smell that can cut through blocked noses. A small dab of cream or gel under the nose can help open up blocked nasal passages and may sooth skin under the nose that may have become tender from a lot of nose blowing.

Eat well

It can be hard to think of healthy eating when you’ve got a cold or flu – but good nutrition helps the body fight infections. Fruits with vitamin C may be especially beneficial – and try to stick to your 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg rather than turning to comfort foods. Spicy dishes may help cut though congestion too. Take Vitamin C supplements.

Make some Elderberry Soup

Elderberry syrup is an easy, all natural, immunity boosting home remedy that studies have shown can help shorten the effects of the flu. This elderberry syrup recipe uses the Instant Pot so that your syrup is ready in under an hour!

Check out for links to studies on the effects of elderberry on the immune system, as well a printable recipe.


Fluids and hydration

Drink plenty of fluids to help break up your congestion. Drinking water or juice will help prevent dehydration and keep your throat moist. Include fluids such as water, sports drinks, herbal teas, fruit drinks or ginger ale. Your mother’s chicken soup might help too. Reduce or avoid cola, coffee and other drinks with caffeine in them, as caffeine may contribute to dehydration.

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