Need Spring Cleaning Tips?

We may not like spring cleaning but spring is just around the corner. I like to get the harder things done first.  The pleasure comes only after the work is finished. Here are some tips to get your spring cleaning done much easier:

The Lost Art Of Cleaning Walls. How long has it been since you cleaned your walls? hhmmm? Do you know HOW to clean your walls? Tutorial on how to clean walls HERE

How to Clean Nasty Window Tracks Using One Simple Trick. Are you tired of looking at all the gunky nastiness in your window tracks? It is amazing how fast they can collect this ugly specimen of ickiness. When you’ve got some nasty window tracks, here’s the simple trick you need to know to make them shine! Instructions HERE

How To Clean Vents. Have you considered your air vents? You know, those spots on the floor where all your warm air comes out to keep your house comfortable? As you can imagine, those can get pretty nasty. But with just a few minutes and some basic supplies, those vents can be clean and sanitized. Instruction HERE