Oreo Cookie Shots


Home Made Milk & Cookies & Cream Shooters Recipe.

100% Edible Complete with an Edible Spoon, Fully Edible Saucer and Cookies and Cream garnish to complete your milk and cookie shooters!

Tools & Equipment:
Tall cupcake tray (mine is from IKEA) or a popover tray, or dariole mould – you can also use a regular cupcake tray
Spoon chocolate mould (optional)
Rolling pin
Non stick spray
Offset spatula or sharp knife
Wax paper – 1 sheet to line your cookie tray + 12 smaller squares
2 x circle cookie cutters – I used 1 x 10.5cm / 4 1/4″ and 1 x 5.5cm / 2″)
Cookie tray

Home made OREO Cookie dough (recipe link below)
Plain / all purpose flour
Dry uncooked rice, or baking beads or lentils will also work
Crushed oreo cookies
Mini oreo cookies (for decoration)
Whipped cream in a can (for decoration)
Melted white chocolate
Melted dark chocolate


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