Pages from a Book Christmas Tree

This rustic looking tree makes trash turn in to a Festive Treasure.

For the project you will need:

  • pages from a book or old catalog
  • a rustic looking terra cotta pot from your garden
  • piece of foam to fit in the pot
  • piece of sheet moss
  • twig from your yard
  • metal star
  • piece of jute


First,  cut out square cardboard templates to more easily tear the book pages into various sizes.

Tear book pages along the cardboard template. (You could cut them for a more even look) Each template was 1/2″ smaller than the one below it.

Place a styrofoam shape in a terra cotta pot.  Cut sheet moss to cover the top of the pot. Push the yard twig into the styrofoam piece inside the pot.

Whittle a point on the twig to slide the book pages on more easily. Start with the largest page sheets and stagger the edges.

Cut the sharp point off of the top of my twig and tie a metal star to the top with jute.

Adapted from Organized Clutter.



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