The Many Things You Can Do with Coffee Grounds

What You Can Do with Coffee Grounds

Don’t throw those coffee grounds out. There were many ways to use these in your home, for beauty treatments and more so in your vegetable and flower gardens.

First, you need to dry them so they won’t mold. Just place on a baking sheet (no more than an inch deep) and place in your oven which has been set at 200 for about 20 – 30 minutes, stirring about half way through. You will also create a wonderful aroma in your home while these are drying.
Let cool completely, then store in a closed container such as jars, glass containers, and even zip type bags, anything air tight.

To boost a carrot harvest, mix seeds with dried coffee grounds before sowing. The extra bulk makes the seeds easier to manage, while the coffee aroma can nourish the soil and help repel pests.

For pesky animals and bugs: Sprinkle old grounds around places you don’t want ants, or on the ant piles themselves.

Mix some of your old coffee grounds with orange peels then shake it around your plants and this will keep the cats away.

About once a month, place a small bowl of grounds in your refrigerator and freezer to use as deodorizer.

To remove smells on your hands such as onion and garlic, while prepping food, rub a small amount on your hands then rinse off. Always use caution to not let too many grounds go down your drain.

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