Tips To Keep Up With Your Laundry


We all dread laundry day. Make it easier on yourself with these tips: 

Wash your clothes less often. Not every item of clothing needs to be washed right away; in fact, you could probably wear lots of clothes more than once. Shirts can survive multiple wears if worn with an undershirt, and many people don’t even wash their jeans at all. I throw a lot of my my clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet for 1 minute to freshen them up. 

Keep a separate empty laundry basket for each family member in your laundry room. When you pull laundry out of the dryer you can sort it directly into the appropriate baskets.  You can fold as you go, or you can simply sort and assign each family member the task of folding and putting away their own clothing.  

Older kids can do their own laundry. Assign them one day a week that they MUST do their own laundry. Younger kids can help sort and fold laundry, as well as put many items away.

Hang things that might wrinkle as soon as you grab them from the dryer.  This saves you time because you won’t be pulling the iron out as often to touch up shirts, dresses or pants. 

Use less detergent. A LOT LESS. Your clothes will be just as clean and you’ll save lots of money. 

Make sure to empty out all pockets, close zippers to prevent snagging, turn denim and embellished pieces inside out, pre-treat any stains, and put your delicates (underpinnings, lingerie, tights, and anything with lace) in mesh bags.

Use Cold Water. Cold water is good for fine fabrics and delicates, sweaters, denim, and clothes that may shrink. It also protects new items with dark and bright colors from running.

Tips for your laundry cycle:

1. Regular or “normal” combines fast agitation with a fast spin cycle and is good for heavily-stained items, cottons, linen, denim, towels, and bedding.

2. Permanent Press combines fast agitation with a slow spin and is good for synthetic fibers (knits and polyesters) and prevents wrinkling.

3. Delicate cycle combines slow agitation with a slow spin and is good for washable silks and wool’s, garments with embellishments, lingerie, and sheer fabrics.