Ways To Ease Your Hot Flashes


Ways To Ease Your Hot Flashes. Going through menopause can be dreadful. But these natural remedies will help with your hot flashes.

Most women will recommend Black Cohish herbs! You can get it from Dollar General or Walmart.  It really helped reduce the severity and over time did away with them entirely. But be very cautious about taking black cohosh if you are taking any other supplements. Some supplements and black cohosh do not mix well together.

You can try CBD oil. Works for a lot of women. CBD doesn’t just help with the hot flashes but also the mood swings.

Juiceplus greens can help metabolize estrogen’s.

The other thing that helps with hot flashes, while it will not make them go away it will make them more tolerable is, switch to all cotton undergarments. No more fancy lace and nylon bras. No more fancy lace and nylon underwear. Make sure your sheets are cotton, and that your sleepwear is cotton. You can return to the nylon and Lace fancy stuff after your hot flash periods are over. But for now, comfort is the main thing and cotton will help with that.

Keep your home as cool as you possible can, have a fan going, wear light clothing, take a shower at night,

Try a soy based product for menopause in the holistic section at Walmart. In less than a week you will feel like a whole new person. Or soy milk it produces estrogen it really helps in some people.

Stay away from chocolate, sweets, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, dairy and stress.

Sit in front of a fan.

As you feel one coming on get bare feet on floor, not carpet. This will start the blood vessels to construct and this will slow down blood flow and give the rest of your body to follow.

Vitamin E. Take up to 4 per day. A friend I know swear’s by them.

Some doctors recommend an antidepressant like Zoloft.

I would suggest not to use estrogen. My sister developed breast cancer from using estrogen and we have no family history of breast cancer. Read article: Breast Cancer 

Always talk to your doctor about your hot flashes.


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