Ways To Keep Stray Cats From “Spraying” On Your Property


Ways To Keep Stray Cats From “Spraying” On Your Property. Feral cats can make a nasty smelling spray around the outside if your home. Here are some tips to keep them away the humane way.

Cats mark their territory by “spraying” the area and it smells bad. Most of us love furry animals but they can be a pest.

DO NOT FEED STRAY CATS! It makes the problem worse. Keep them away from your children. They can be dangerous and have diseases.  Feral cats will find their own food in the wild.

Try these tips to keep them away the Humane way: 

Bounce dryer sheets: Place them around where the cats sprayed. They don’t like the smell and will stay away.

Tip my cat breeder told me. It’s totally weird but she swears by it: have a man in your family go out in the middle of the night and pee all around the perimeter of your proper (or area of concern) and they will stay away.  She swears it’s works for her and my sister had her husband do it and they say it worked!

Spray vinegar. Gets rid off smell and odors so the cats can’t retrace their steps.

Place moth balls around the area.

Try a Cat Scram. It it motion activated, and it puts out a sound they hate, but is hardly audible to humans! You can buy them on Amazon but cost between $35 to $50.

Cinnamon, Cayenne pepper or Chili powder sprinkled around.

A fake rattlesnake statue that is motion activated to shake and it rattles.

Use Motion activated water sprinkler.

If you use traps from rescue shelter, they will come get them if trapped. Look into a place that will do a trap and release basically neutering a cat and it will actually stop spraying. Look into cat rescues not a shelter.


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