Ways To Use Bacon Grease


Ways To Use Bacon Grease. Some people say to throw it away. Not me.


For the people saying throw it away, you haven’t tried cooking your veggies and meat in bacon grease, it’s a game changer! So delicious!

Actually its animal fat which is a lot healthier for you than the store bought coconut oil or vegetable oils.  Our bodies process the animal fats as it is without all the chemical additives.

Pop popcorn in the grease. DELICIOUS!

Use it for frying eggs.  And if your a liver eater it’s really good fried in bacon grease. Tasty when making fresh green beans and in wilted lettuce salad. Great for fried potatoes. Love it for cooking cornbread. Put a table spoon in a cast iron skillet, preheated heated in the oven then pour cornbread in and cook.

I cooked bacon in electric skillet, kept grease, used it to cook hamburg for Chili, BEST CHILI EVER!

I love gravy with bacon grease. I substitute the butter in this recipe with bacon grease: Sh..T On A Shingle 

You can strain bacon grease into ice cube trays. Once frozen, pop them out into a plastic dish, and keep this in the freezer. When I need bacon grease, I grab one or two. It’s always fresh, and one less thing on my counter.  You can preserve small amounts and take them out as as need. Take a plastic ice cube tray and line the cups with plastic wrap. After the bacon drippings have cooled completely, pour the grease into the lined cup. Put a piece of plastic wrap loosely over the whole tray and place it the fridge until you have solids. Wrap each piece and place them in a freezer bag. If you want more protection for this you can place the baggie in a container and place in the freezer, then you can take them out as you need them. Easy peasy.. NOTE: let them thaw a bit before using.

Use it in peanut butter cookies in place of butter.

Use to season cast iron keeps from rusting and makes food taste awesome.

You can make soap with bacon grease:  Making Bacon Soap

Make Suet for Winter Bird Feeders: Homemade Suet For Birds

Get rid of it after one month. You can store it in a glass jar or cleaned coffee can. Strain any meat that might be in the grease. Store on counter top, cabinet above your stove or in the refrigerator. Mine is in sealed glass jar and it never molds or smells rancid. It will last longer if it’s refrigerated. Otherwise it gets rancid after a couple months.  2 months on counter 3 months in refrigerator.

Whatever you do, DO NOT put it down your drain. It will eventually clog your sink from build up. If must  discard it.  Put in tinfoil lined pan in refrigerator until it hardens and then throw the entire thing in trash. Protects your  drain.

In summary: stick to a simple rule that applies to most processed food products: moderation is key.

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