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1. Quiz of The Day

Would You Survive The Wilderness?

How would you handle yourself in the wild? There are important decisions you would have to make for you to be able to survive. From scouting the right place to sleep to decontaminating water, the smallest of details have the utmost importance. Could you make all these right decisions in the worst conditions imaginable? Test your survival skills here !

Would You Survive The Wilderness

2. Dessert Of The Day

White Chocolate Lasagna

A delicious 4-layer dessert filled with cream cheese, pudding, cool whip, Golden Oreos, White Chocolate curls and more!

White Chocolate Lasagna

Click on this picture for Recipe!

3. A Family Tragedy

A Family Tragedy


A family on a fun hike in La Tuna Canyon Park with their two dogs had a fatal turn of events for the family dogs. The two family dogs couldn’t handle the 95 degree heat and began to go into convulsions, using all the water they had to try and cool down the overheated dogs was not enough to save the larger one.
Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, of the Animal Medical Center in New York, recommends: If you have refrigerated water handy, pour it over your dog, completely soak a towel in water, put your dog in the backseat covered with the wet towel and get to the veterinary clinic. But don’t waste time trying to find cold water or ice if it’s not readily available, she says. Just get the dog to a veterinarian immediately. “Don’t spend an hour trying to cool down the dog,” she says.

Dogs can’t tell you they are over heated, it is up to you the owner to make sure that they have more than enough water to keep them cool. Even when in the shade, if the temperature is just too high, a dog can get heatstroke. Dogs with any health condition that impairs normal breathing can suffer it too.

Also, it’s important to remember that just because you might be able to tolerate 98 degrees in the shade with a cool drink in hand, it doesn’t mean your dogs can. You can sweat – like crazy if you need to. You also can tell when it’s getting to be too much and leave the event if need be, go into an air-conditioned building on the grounds, or even drive around in your car with the air conditioning on full blast. Your dogs can do none of those things, except sweat a tiny bit through their paws. And pant. And pant. And pant.

Before you leave home, pack two bath towels big enough to cover your dog and enough refrigerated water to pour over a small dog or to soak the towels.
You don’t have to worry about your dog getting too cold, she says. But using cold water, even ice packs beneath your dog, while you drive to a clinic, won’t harm a dog with heatstroke, she says. If a dog is merely panting heavily and seems overheated, but can still drink and move around, you’re probably safe cooling it down on your own.
But if the dog has gray or purple lips, or can’t drink and stand on its own, Hohenhaus advises proceeding immediately to a clinic. Heatstroke can lead to seizures, coma and death. Only a veterinarian will be able to tell you when the dog has recovered.

4. DIY Burnish Lace Necklace FREE Pattern

This pretty necklace is made using 4mm Fire-polished crystals, 11° seed beads and the new 2 Hole Chexx Squarelets. It curves beautifully around the neck, but would also make a pretty bracelet and you can make it in half the time. What Bead FX says about this new bead is “Another new shape to add to your bead weaving. These are fairly thick for their size, and have two holes on a 3 mm centre. Technically – these are ALSO a two hole square tile , but in this case, the holes run vertically from front to back, from one large face of the bead to the other.” So if you want to add a bit of dimension to your necklace, you might want to try these new beads. You could also make this necklace using the new half Tila beads if you have some of those on hand. Instructions: Burnish Lace Necklace FREE Pattern

DIY Burnish Lace Necklace FREE Pattern


5. 19 Coffee Hacks That Every Coffee Drinker Has To Know Immediately

19 Coffee Hacks That Every Coffee Drinker Has To Know Immediately

Make Your Own Creamer

Save money on creamer by making your own at home using just milk and flavored extract. Just mix a few drops of vanilla or almond extract into some milk, and you’ve got a perfectly good creamer for your coffee. Plus, it will last longer than store-bought creamers, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Don’t pour your old coffee down the drain; pour it into your ice cube tray! After freezing your coffee into ice cubes, you can use them in your iced coffees in the future so that they won’t get watered down. Or you wan pour milk over your ice cubes for the taste of a nice iced latte.

Homemade Coffee Syrups

Store-bought coffees taste so great because of those delicious syrups they add in, but you can make them yourself and avoid those expensive trips to the coffee shop. All the syrups start with stirring 2 cups of sugar into 2 cups of water over low heat until it dissolves. Add in vanilla extract, caramel, or mashed raspberries, depending on the flavor of syrup you want, and stir until combined.  For the raspberry syrup, you’ll need to strain out the berry chunks.

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6. 10 Ways Children Who Grew Up With a Single Parent Love Differently

10 Ways Children Who Grew Up With a Single Parent Love Differently

1. We may have some trust issues.

Whichever parent it is that we didn’t grow up with, left a big gaping hole in our hearts starting at a young age. If it’s a father who we didn’t grow up with, relationships with men have become hard – or vice versa with a mother and women. And even if we’d like to think that we don’t have reservations with trust, there is still a sense of doubt somewhere deep down in our subconscious.

Because they left. On some level, in some way or another: they left. And a part of us thinks that you will too.

2. But once we trust you, we trust you with our whole hearts.

We have a hard outer shell; it will take a lot of time for us to finally let that guard down, but when we do, we will really let you in. We feel the same way about trust as we do about love: when we love someone, we love with our whole hearts.

3. Loyalty is at the top of our list.

Once we let you in, let me just say, don’t f*ck that up. There are a very select few who we decide to let deeply into our hearts, so if you break that trust, it will absolutely crush us. We give what we expect in return, which means that once our wall is down, you can trust us with your heart.

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7. Joke Of The Day

Sampoo Warning

Health Warning! Do NOT shampoo in the shower!

DO NOT wash your hair in the shower!!

It’s so good to finally get a health warning that is useful!!!


I don’t know WHY I didn’t figure this out sooner! I use shampoo in the shower! When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and printed very clearly on the shampoo label this warning; “FOR EXTRA BODY AND VOLUME.”

No wonder I have been gaining weight!

Well! I got rid of that shampoo and I am going to start showering with Dawn Dishwashing Soap. It’s label reads, “DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE.”

Problem solved! If I don’t answer the phone, I’ll be in the shower.