Let’s Go Camping

Camping the activity spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper.  Here are a few fun camping hacks:

Let’s Make A Fruity Dessert

What could be more delicious than a dessert with fruit in it? You will love these recipes:

Let’s Make Our Porch Pretty

Did you know it is easy to paint your porch. Sure does make your porch prettier. Here are some great ideas on painting your porch:

How To Get Your Interior Car Windows Shiny Clean

Have a lot of dirt, smoke film, dust and other greasy stuff on your interior car windows? Here is an easy way to get rid of it. Print How To Get Your Interior Car Windows Shiny Clean Ingredients Microfiber towels Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or rubbing alcohol

Have Cinder Block Will Build

Cinder blocks don’t vary much in cost regardless of the type. While some capstones can cost as little as 95 cents apiece, the average cost of a cinder block is $1 to $3 each. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations and densities. But as a

How To Turn A Fan Into A Homemade AC

Homemade AC air cooler! The “Copper Coil” Air Cooler! how to make a non-compressor based DIY air conditioner using a box fan and copper coil. Details: copper: Two 20 ft. rolls of 1/4″ copper tubing. vinyl tubing: Two 3 to 4 foot sections of 3/8″ tubing (OD)