30 Minutes Or Less Meals

The less time we have to spend in the kitchen the better. Try these delicious 30 minute meals (or less) meals.

Identify Bugs and their Bites

Learn to Identify ticks, spiders, fleas and other bugs. See what their bites and stings look like. See how to find relief. View this amazing slideshow WebMD.com    

Quotes And Jokes

Enjoy Our Quotes and Jokes.  

10 Amazing Ways To Reuse Pill Bottles

  Most of us have pill bottles in the home. Don’t throw them away. Reuse them: Use an old pill bottle as a quick nail polish remover! Place several cotton balls or an old make-up sponge inside and add a bit of nail polish remover. Then when

Who Stole the Recipe – Part 1

                    Two steps to this puzzle. Pick one to see if you are correct. To see who stole my recipe Part 2 Click HERE Hover over each picture to see if you guessed correct. Where was the recipe

Who Stole The Recipe – Part 2

Someone stole this cake recipe.         Can you guess which person stole the recipe?  Also see part 1 where they hid the recipe HERE HOVER over each picture to see if you are correct.