Freebies For Your Birthday

          Some restaurants offer free food on your birthday. Be sure to ask any restaurant you may go to on your birthday.  Here are a few: Baskin Robins: Free scoop of ice cream and $3 off ice cream cake. Ben & Jerry’s: scoop

130 Top Cooking Tips

This is a collection of cooking tips collected from various books, internet, recipes and experience. 1. If you are going to freeze a loaf of bread, make sure you include a piece of paper towel in the package to absorb moisture. This will keep the bread from

Yummy Recipes

You will love love love these recipes. Simple S’More Cookies, Adult Wine Slushies, and Delicious Blueberry Lemon Cake. Click on picture to watch the short videos.     

10 Blow Away Uses For A Hair Dryer

Your hairdryer is more than just a beauty appliance. Bet you didn’t know that you have an incredibly versatile product. When you are done making your hair prettier then consider these other uses: Dusting. Use a hairdryer in those harder to dust places such as lamps, ceiling

How To Survive a Shark Attack

How to survive a shark attack. Everyone needs to be aware of these shark attack self defense tips. Thousands of people are attacked each year by sharks in Australia alone – Sadly some of them don’t make it. We can all help reduce that number by passing

Easy Ziplock Coleslaw

Make your coleslaw in Ziplock bags. Put in separate bags and combine when serving for a non soggy coleslaw. Prepare ahead of time and perfect for a BBQ or party. Print Easy Ziplock Coleslaw Ingredients 2 Ziplock bags 1 ( 16 oz. bag) coleslaw mix DRESSING: ⅔